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Hi there, and happy Friday!

This weekend is surely going to take me back to one of my favorite ages ever, my 8th grade year. Back then I had just gotten my braces off, was taller than all the boys in school, had one killer curling-ironed side-swept bang, and rocked my baby blue Lacoste Izod polo shirt like nobody’s business. (Holy crap they’ve gotten expensive!)

My friends were my world and it was the perfect age of budding innocence, when nobody had their driver’s licenses yet nor the motivation to swipe booze from their parent’s liquor cabinet because our minds were being blown by the amazing stereophonic sound coming through the earphones of the just released Sony Walkman Cassette Player (this is just like mine!) in addition to this list of iconic things.

All we cared about was being with our best friends, walking the neighborhoods on hot summer nights, and watching The Cars and Hall & Oates on MTV while talking on the 3-way line telephone.

My how times have changed. Or have they?

My Smudge is now at that exact age, and frankly, I can’t fathom it. I mean, I know what I was thinking, feeling, and dreaming at that age (yikes!) and it simply doesn’t seem possible she could be having those same emotions (or plotting ways to drive her mom’s car) too. She’s way too innocent. She’s simply not ready. Or is she? Of course she is you naive mother! Get a grip! She’s a teen! (related: 50 things you can do to make your kid street smart.)

So to continue our now 4th year tradition, this weekend we are taking her and a gaggle of her besties on a 3-day belated birthday binger for cool days floating on the lake, living the cabin life, and making memories to last a lifetime. I’m totally pysyched (see! I still got the 8th grade slang!) to see these girls for three straight days and nights in full-on teen-mode.

Last year’s highlights included lots of time floating on this and when I shared on Snapchat that time that my husband showed the girls how to take a selfie with the land line phone, as evidenced below.

Now, if I can blast them out of binge watching the vintage video collection in the cool basement of the cabin to do a little outdoor adventuring, my work here will be done.

Of course you’re wondering what in the world I’m going to feed these girls for three whole days? That’s the easy part because they’ve already decided for me. Stay tuned til’ next week when I’ll share our menu back here on Friday Faves.

But enough about our upcoming adventures, let’s dig into this week’s list of Friday Faves!

Blueberry zucchini bread, the name says it all.

and then…

Chocolate zucchini cake. EEK!

This pizza moves pepperoni straight out of first place.

The first time I had this tuna sashimi salad I loved it, and now I can make it at home!

20 lunches you can meal prep on Sunday.

This loaf cake has all the right stuff, aka, chocolate + berries!

Because every caprese tastes even better with burrata on it.

This is one epic antipasto plate. WHOA!

5 secrets of people who always have a super clean kitchen.

Every summer needs an anthem, which one of these would be your pick for the sweet sounds of 2017?

I can’t remember if I shared this already or not, but even if I did, it bears a repeat: 9 habits of the people in the healthiest relationships. #3 is definitely key for me and my man.

My favorite hat and favorite people |

12 must-have summer straw hats. Get ’em before they’re gone because this one is the closest to my favorite I bought at Target before going to Hawaii for spring break (above) that is now sold out.

I bought this necklace a few months ago from one of my favorite local boutiques, and I cannot tell you how many compliments every single week I get on it. Mine’s a charcoal color stone but I’m loving the sparkle of this one too.


She doesn’t just do jewelry, I love her clothes too, like –> another soft and slinky dress to add to my list.

Because I’m always looking for a good deal: How to build a make-up artist’s kit with products from the drugstore.

Okay, who got their Amazon Prime on yesterday? While checking out the site I discovered a whole new curated collection area that has some super fun stuff on it. I spent way too much time going through it all, but here are some of my faves:

This planter for my growing collection of indoor plants

This essential oil diffuser that I first spied on her Instagram feed that will soon be arriving on my doorstep

These glasses, because, obviously…

This power strip for my office because I’m tired of the dogs turning my current one on and off with their wrestling under my feet. Plus, bending over…ugh.


Coming full circle back to my craving for youthful, 8th grade exuberance, this T will totally take me there.

All right, that’s it for this week, I have some girls to attend to. Have a wonderful weekend, and keep on summering the best you know how.

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