Aloha my friends!

As you read this, it’s likely I am soundly sleeping to the lapping waves of a sweet Hawaiian beach where we are enjoying a spring break vacation. Last years scheduled school spring break consisted of a grand total of about 4 days, and now this year…it ended up at ten. So. If I did my math right, that equals….a long family vacation!

So why would I be sleeping in on a Friday in a Hawaiian paradise instead of heading out to explore the tropical forests, sleuthing out the best poke shack, and slathering sunscreen on my nose? Because as I am not a masochist. And as I am writing this, it is midnight-thirty, we leave for the airport at 5 am, and I still have to filter through last year’s summer wardrobe that I can barely even remember to pack into my carry-on suitcase for 10 days of clothing that doesn’t look like the cat dragged in, and then plan a totally different set of outfits for the day we get home after flying for 10 hours (gotta love layovers) as I sprint to the gate (30 minutes is enough time, right?) to fly to Austin to speak at a conference (gasp! I hope they like sand in-and-on-my clothes but hey! who needs a curling iron anyway????) and finish this little ditty up so I can wander off to island time, and not worry about getting this list done (or likely my presentation) late on Thursday night as I suffer through one too many Mai Tais.

You know why? Because like so many of you out there, we work for our vacation. It’s the one perk of the job we truly covet, crave, and cannot wait to enjoy. So if you are somebody who thinks work is too important to leave behind…guess what? It 100% isn’t. You deserve downtime you’ve worked for the same as your boss deserves your attention to work. So take it. It’s yours.

Ah, the island life. I could get used to this.

But enough about me, let’s dig into this week’s Friday Faves. (and start planning our next vacation!!!)

Mahalo! and happy Friday!

I am totally ready for this reunion!

Oh my, this chicken dinner is a weeknight winner.

This salad hits ALL my buttons.

I’m already planning my Easter egg decorating strategies. So cute!

These are the bees beans knees. Tasty!

This is how I want to eat all my cookies from now on.

Homemade harissa! This one’s for you Nicole.

Instant Pot recipe alert: Last minute wings for the saucy win.

Loved reading this beautiful adoption story. #alwayshavehope

This is why baking and cooking DO make you feel better.

Did you see the tiny fish who got a wheelchair? YES! REALLY!

100 things that will make me more time. I’ll take ’em!

and, somewhat related…

How to get what you want. (I’m trying it!)

These are the secrets to traveling with less.

and also…

I totally used this guide to plan out my lightened up tropical look.

Bullet journal layout ideas. Get organized!

Ellen Degeneres is selling her home, for $45 MILLION BUCKS! Seriously? How could it be worth it?

Target’s new collection of patio decor is on point.

This dress looks so cozy. The only way to get through work.

I’m totally into this top, I love the little twist at the bottom.

Did you know Ugg makes sandals? Me likey.

Not only does this face mist smell delish, the design is spot on.

Recipes I Pinned This Week

I’ve pinned some pretty tasty recipes this week — here are three standouts in particular that I think you should pin too!

Easy Antipasto Skewers from Mediterranean Dish |

Easy Antipasto Skewers

These are everything.

Get the recipe | Pin it

Eggplant Caponata & Labneh Bruschetta from on

Eggplant Caponata & Labneh Bruschetta

This gorgeous bruschetta is exactly what I want to snack on, every day, preferably outside, and preferably with wine.

Get the recipe Pin it

Steak Fajita Roll-Ups from Diethood on Steak Fajita Roll-Ups

They’re the portable way to enjoy the Mexican fiesta.

Get the recipe Pin it

Have a wonderful weekend, foodiecrushers! I know I will.

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