Happy Friday friends, and what a weekend we’re about to have!

I’ve been totally thrilled by the crazy amazing snowfall Utah received this year and with each and every snowstorm I squealed like a 3 year old who sees her first snow flake of the season.

But guys, it’s time. And I think you’ll agree. We have the fever. And the only cure is to get outside and relish in it.

That’s why I love the change of seasons, and living in Utah. Warm to hot. Hot to cool. Cool to cold. I’ll take it all. And that’s why it’s totally time to get outside and live it up, especially because come Sunday, we’ll have one more hour of daylight in the eves. Don’t forget to set your clock forward! It’s the perfect time to recalibrate your sleep patterns and take advantage of that extra hour by getting up earlier.

I’m with you! Let’s do this, and let’s make some simple changes together to last all year long.

Nourished Planner | foodiecrush.com

March’s theme in my Nourished Planner is food prep. It’s one of my favorite sections of the planner because it is so crazily helpful in the kitchen. We talk about planning ahead to create more time, tips for easier meal planning that seamlessly lend themselves to spur of the moment entertaining, and ideas for simply eating better, meaning for me, resetting my winter comfort food eating habits for the lighter fare of spring and summer.

The month of March is all about spring cleaning, not just for the home but also for the body.

A few weeks ago, my friend Sandy asked me if I wanted to do the 21 Day Ultimate Reset with her. I used to design wellness and natural health and fitness magazines, so talking about detoxing, and even doing them myself, isn’t anything new to me. And even though day to day my focus on eating is relatively healthy (I’ll eat a salad over a burger just about any day), following a plan and resetting my diet just sounds right right now.

So here we are. Day 5 and going strong. So far I like this plan because it’s whole food based rather than manufactured foods, like the oatmeal and berries and greek yogurt explosion situation at the top of this post, and has a supplement component intended to up energy and stay balanced. The first week focuses on weaning off proteins, and the diet guide isn’t too far afield from how I regularly eat when I’m eating healthy. Then we transition into week 2 for a diet that’s more sparse and all vegetarian based. Fresh fruits, salads and veg heavy meals? I’m totally game for that.

So far no major cravings happening here, but I did have to sneak a few chunks of mushrooms and beef when my husband made our favorite Beef Stroganoff in the Instant Pot the other night—you know, quality control—and it was DIVINE!. But other than that, no cravings for cheating going on here. I have 2 more weeks to go and will keep you updated on the progress.

Along with eating better I’m also working on getting more vitamin D, and with this extra hour of sunshine coming our way it’s time get outside and live!

That’s me and my most recent adopted puppers, 9 year old Prince, playing at the park with our other two adopted pups. Whoa, wait. Who am I kidding? I’m calling Prince MY dog? Hardly. If my husband was within 20 feet of this photo, Prince would not be in it. That dog has been hopelessly devoted to my man since the moment he trotted his four paws into the house, jumped up on the bed, and sunk into snuggle mode, nestled in the crook of my man’s armpit.

I know. My husband really hates the fact that HE has been deemed the favorite. It’s totally not surprising though. We all think so at our house.

So enough rambling about me, let’s dig into this week’s Friday Faves! Hop to it!

This Fearless Girl statute has a much bigger story behind it than the video below shows. It makes me proud and hopeful for my daughter’s role in shaping the world and thankful there are leaders out there who see change for equality for all still needs to occur.

The same rotisserie chicken taste in the crock pot. YES!

These lettuce wraps are a weeknight savior.

And I can totally see these brightened up meatballs and sauce over some spiralized zoodles — sticking with the plan, man.

Oh man, talk about a better-for-you, easy-enough, spicy dinner idea! Love.

Can’t wait to make this for breakfast.

Make your summer travel plans: 9 food museums that actually do exist. 

Is it summer yet? Craving this corn chowder.

“Today’s innovation is tomorrow’s tradition.” —Lidia Bastianich and more great quotes from female chefs, celebrating what it’s like to be a female chef!

Move over, mozzarella sticks, there’s a new cheese boss in town.

Wanna step up your kid-food game? Follow these 5 Instagrammers.

These sweet potatoes are over the Thai top

Brownie cookies = my favorite dessert mash-up.

Now this pudding cake would put my love for brownies to the ultimate test.

Instant Pot recipe alert: Sunday dinner right here.

This is such an incredible concept, and I’d totally eat there.

Okay I have to vent. Did you see last week’s Walking Dead? I may be out. I mean, BORING and trite and totally predictible. You better redeem yourself this week or I’m off the rails. People are calling this upcoming Netflix original series the new Stranger Things. Okay, I’m in.

Because it’s not only about food: 7 inspiring interior design Instagram accounts to follow now.

Spring break travel prep.

So I’m all about outfitting my deck this summer and I found this at Target the other day. But then I discovered this one on their website, and am getting it instead. It’ll do double duty and no need for a gas line either!



An indoor lettuce cart. Let the gardening begin.

Having a bad day? Read this.

Your essential bullet journaling supply list.

Tank top season is almost here, I’m doing this to prep.

For your little minimalist. So cute.

These shorts are enough to motivate anyone to get on the treadmill. Hot.

For the office girl, this dress should be part of your summer uniform.

You know how in spring it gets warm, then cold, then warm again? Here’s your stylish sweater alternative solution. And it’s on sale.

What a cool earring set.

Adore this suit…is it summer yet?

Recipes I Pinned This Week

Saint Patrick’s Day is lurking around the corner and I’m excited about all of these Irish-inspired sweet treats I’ve been seeing around the blogosphere. Here are three lucky recipes I’ve pinned this week that I think you should pin too.

Healthy Vegan Shamrock Shakes from The Vintage Mixer | foodiecrush.com

Healthy Vegan Shamrock Shakes

This is how to start off your lucky day.

Get the recipe | Pin it

Irish Cream Crumb Cake from tutti-dolci.com on foodiecrush.com

Carrot Cake with Caramel Frosting

I think I just found the prince charming carrot cake of my dreams. Where have you been all my life?!

Get the recipe | Pin it

Baileys Irish Cream Coffee Bars from aspicyperspective.com on foodiecrush.com

Baileys Irish Cream Coffee Bars

Drinking Baileys is so overrated. Lacing dark, fudgy brownies with it however, is not.

Get the recipe | Pin it


I hope you have a fantastic and tasty weekend, friends!

As always, thank you for reading and supporting companies I partner with, which allows me to create more unique content and recipes for you. All opinions are always my own.  

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