Happy Friday friends! This week I’m back in my old hood of Venice, CA with my husband, daughter and her BFF on a little family vaca. Wow, what a time warp we’ve flung ourselves back into.

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Some things have changed, and a lot of things we wish would have, just. haven’t. Traffic. Gas prices. Young, hot couples in the grocery store who we think look just like us in our mind’s eye 15 years ago…we just can’t compare.

So instead of comparing, we’ll just hang out at the beach. As if that’s a challenge.

Happy Friday to you all, today’s a shortened list, because hey! I’m on vacation…Next week we’ll be back with an extended fave list, I hope you’re all ready to also enjoy a GREAT weekend.

23 hilariously misspelled names on Starbuck’s coffee cups. I’m notoriously deemed as Hilda.

Since I’m back in L.A., I’m ready to eat. Here’s the latest list of the 75 best LA restaurants. And I doubt I’ll be trying any of them since I’ll just be going back to my old hole in the wall favorites.

10 best beer quotes from famous faces. “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” — Benjamin Franklin

How to give the best foot massage ever. Because I want one. Now.

Knitted food photography looks good enough to eat. This is crazy!


This guy and his tiny food photography? Who could pull this off? Not me!

These birthday candles are AWESOME!

10 must watch TED talks for entrepreneurs.

The 20 most popular baby names of 2014, so far…

Pretty much every link ever to the best stationery ever. Because hand-written notes mean so much more.

The farmer’s market on Friday and Sunday are tops on our to do list while we’re back in Venice. Here’s a list of what not to say or do farmer’s market vendors.

Fermented foods, they’re not only good for you but trés hip to consume although somewhat intimidating to think of making. Until you read this how to for spicy korean kimchi.

50 words every food lover should know.

The cutest type cake toppers.

Next week I’ll be back with favorite recipe links and favorite food bloggers. Until then, you can find me in the sand and surf. Have a great week!

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