When will the online magazine version of FoodieCrush be published?
We’re so excited to announce that we’ll be publishing our debut issue of FoodieCrush in November of 2011. The online magazine will feature profiles of our favorite food bloggers, their recipes and photography. With a point of your mouse (or flick of your finger) the flippable magazine will feature click-able links that take you directly to featured recipes, contributors, products, online shops, advertisers and of course—your favorite bloggers sites.

How can I contribute to FoodieCrush?
We love receiving recipe, photography, home entertaining and cooking inspiration submissions from up-and-coming food bloggers as well as seasoned pros.

Content for both the magazine and blog is inspired by seasonal appropriateness, amazing food blogs and food photography we’re inspired by. If you have a creative idea for a food story or blogger profile that you’d like to contribute to, please contact us. Please realize that although your idea is surely original to you, others may have submitted similar themes.

How do I get a recipe—or my blog—featured on FoodieCrush?
Due to the highly visual nature of FoodieCrush, the photographic style and quality of images—in addition to a great recipe—are essential for consideration as a featured foodie blog(ger). Appropriate attribution and credit to owner and/or creator of imagery and recipes must be duly noted in all submissions if the work is not your own.

Will you review my photography to see if it fits your editorial vision ?
We’d be happy to check out your food photos. Shoot us an e-mail with a link to your blog, flickr account or photo gallery—or tweet us @foodiecrush with a link to your site.

Do you review products?
Yes we do. If you have a great find that you think we’d be interested in sharing with our foodie readers, please submit a photo, product description and where on the web you found it and we’ll consider it for one of our marketplace departments. If you’d like to send an actual product to us, please e-mail us for our mailing address. Acceptance of your product does not guarantee we will review or write about your product.

Submitted items should be relevant to content you see on our site, so no thanks to products and services that aren’t food related or relevant to our reader’s best interests.

Do you review cookbooks?
We looove cookbooks and we love magazines, so the answer is yes. If you have a cookbook you’ve written or one that you’ll soon be releasing, please e-mail us a book information and publication date. And if you have a food e-book that would be of interest to our readers, we’re happy to look at it.

Do you review restaurants?
When we aren’t in the kitchen or at our computers blogging it out, we love dining out. However, restaurant reviews don’t fit our editorial mission of featuring in-home food bloggers, their recipes and photography. So, nope.

What about food + travel photography?
If you have an amazing photo pictorial that includes food, detail shots and unique environments and is absolutely, seriously awesome, we’re happy to take a look. Inspire us!

Do you have any job openings?
Since we rely on contributors, we don’t currently have any full-time positions available.

How can I advertise?
We would love to chat with you about creative partnerships in the magazine or on the blog. Please contact us to chat about advertising opportunities and affilitate links.

We do feature some affilitate links on our site and receive a small commission from sales generated via those links.


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