Que the orchestra to start up the strands of Auld Lang Syne and let Drake know he’s up for a new style of rap, because 2013 is nearly in the history books.


After sharing the Top 10 FoodieCrush Recipes of 2013, today’s the day I’m sharing 10 of my favorite posts and recipes from other food bloggers from the past year.

I know what you’re thinking, as in what was I thinking? Imagining I could narrow down a year of posts and recipes from thousands of incredible food bloggers into just 10? Have I made some of them? You bet? Have I made them all? Not yet. But it’s on the list for 2014.

Let’s just realize this is not the comprehensive list. There are so many others to include that it’s embarrassing to even dream that this could be a definitive list.

So let’s just use this as a starting point.

Since I couldn’t have done a round-up to include just 10 food blogger faves, after you’ve checked out my list, jump around to a few other food bloggers who’ve put together similar lists of their favorite food blogger posts and recipes. It’s a favorite food blog recipe buffet. Everyone, start your ovens.

Other Top 10 Favorite Food Blogger Recipe Lists

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Let’s eat more! Please leave your favorite food blogger’s post in the comment section below and let’s see just how many delicious visions we can share.

So to get us started, here we go, in no particular order:


Crockpot Brown Sugar and Roasted Garlic Pulled Pot Roast Sandwiches
from Jessica of How Sweet It Is

It’s really, really, really hard to choose just one reason why I enjoy Jessica’s blog so much. It’s her writing, her concocting and her photographing. It’s her stories about kitchen failures, her promotion of other bloggers and their recipes. And of course her love for glitter, gold and glamour makes her blog so much more fun to read than the average food blog.

She’s just so much more than that.

Plus she has a knack for catching the best pics of steam rising from a freshly dished out serving of whatever’s being cooked up. I affectionately and jealously call her the Queen of Steam.

But when I think of Jessica’s recipes, I usually think first of succulently braised meat crock pot recipes and the breadth of layers recipes she creates from them. A stand out this past year that had me cooking was Jessica’s play on traditional pulled meat sandwiches by switching out pork for beef in How Sweet It Is’ Crockpot Brown Sugar and Roasted Garlic Pulled Pot Roast Sandwiches. Pass the napkins and double the pickles please.

Oh how convenient, look what’s next…


Quick Refrigerator Dill Pickles
from Kelley of Mountain Mama Cooks

Kelley of Mountain Mama Cooks—my friend and oftentimes-roomie-when-we-travel—is pretty much a jack of all kitchen trades. A former caterer, she can whip up a 4-course meal for 20 as if she was making PB&J’s for two kids on a playdate, is skilled at both the savory and sweet ends of the cooking spectrum and is devout to eating organic and local. It doesn’t hurt that the girl can also make a mean margarita.

But what I really dig about Kelley is that she adds a slight cast of her hipster hippie-ness to her kitchen and makes stuff I only dream about, stuff that makes her look like she’s a Utah pioneer woman straight out of 1880.

She’s the master canner, taking advantage of summer and fall’s farmer’s market spoils by dialing it all down to canning jams, sauces, fresh fruit and veggies to be enjoyed all winter long. She even makes her own sauerkraut and pickled cabbage for the ultimate in digestive tools. The girl’s got game.

So when she posted her recipe for Quick Refrigerator Dill Pickles after a day of canning with my other blogging buddy and another canning queen Annalise of Completely Delicious, I knew I’d be hitting SAVE/BOOKMARK/EATMENOW. I think I can hear the crunch through the computer screen.

Bonus: If you’re a high altitude cooker like me, her high altitude tips for kitchen success will totally come in to save your bacon.


The Ultimate Guide to Chocolate Chip Cookies
from Tessa of Handle the Heat

When I saw this post from Tessa of Handle the Heat roll up on my RSS feed, there was only one thing to be said. BRILLIANT!

Then I did one of those smack your forehead with the palm of your hand actions, the one that leaves you with a slight headache the size of Rhode Island after you’ve partaken of one too many tequila shots the night before. You know what I’m talking about? And then I said, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Using one control recipe Tessa explains the science behind the baking of the classic chocolate chip cookie. She shows what happens when you use a pinch of baking soda vs. a teaspoon, what a cookie will look like when you use softenened butter instead of melted and what the heck does flour have to do with it all anyway?

What you get is a guide to every individual’s perfect cookie, whatever perfect might mean to you. With 342,000+ Pins for this post—a number that’s growing every day—Tessa proves once and again that solving a problem for readers is what creates good, and enduring content.


Fig, Blue Cheese and Bacon Salad with Crispy Shallots
from Lindsay at Love and Olive Oil

Salads, my safe place. If I’m at home, making myself lunch, a salad is always going to be tops on my list.

When I first saw Lindsay’s recipe for Fig, Blue Cheese and Bacon Salad with Crispy Shallots, I thought forget lunch, this one’s got all of the flavors for breakfast and dinner too.

I’m such a sucker for any recipe that pairs salty and sweet with a few fresh goodies thrown in to ease my bacon and cheese loving conscience. Lindsay, you read my salad loving sweet and savory mind.


Basic Frosting and Piping Techniques
from Nina of Niner Bakes

I’m an okay baker. Not a pretty baker, but a baker who can create some pretty decent sweet treats. But see, I have a fetish with making cupcakes, and making them pretty. But they don’t always come out that way. As in, I’ve had more fails than wins making the number of cupcake recipes on FC a grand total of 2.

But that cupcake glory desire still haunts me.

Nina of Niner Bakes knows how to make her cupcakes pretty. Like, really, really pretty. As in pretty incredible. She absolutely makes me want to lick the tops off of every cupcake she shows how to bake and decorate.

So when I came across the tutorial for her secrets on which piping tube to use for different cupcake looks, it was immediately pinned, bookmarked and saved for later. Obviously a 2013 fave.


Whole Wheat Waffles
from Melissa of The Faux Martha

Last January a group of foodie friends came to SLC to hit Alt Summit Design Conference, which ended up as a big slumber party at Casa del Larsen. As usually happens with these types of events, the time together mano-a-mano—or better yet chica-a-la-chica—became the shining star of the weekend.

As a grand finale to the gathering, little Miss Melissa of The Faux Martha (who had a little secret) whipped up a batch of her famous Whole Wheat Waffles (as documented here by fellow foodie and her biz partner Erin of Naturally Ella) to cap off the festivities and send the out of town travelers jetsetting off with a full belly.

The waffles left everyone a little bit in awe, inspired a waffle themed virtual baby shower and showered us all with the long lasting feelings of waffle love. It’s since become a favorite at our house and would make a obviously great addition to yours too.


Brown Butter Spaghetti with Baby Kale and Roasted Butternut Squash
from Maryann of The Little Epicurean

Maryann cooks like I like to eat. A little bit clean, a lot bit fresh and a touch of naughty. The naughty part is what gives stuff flavor, right?

With a mix of savory plus sweet recipes on her blog The Little Epicurean, there’s plenty of goodness to feast on. But the real fun comes when she puts her twist on standard comfort food fare. And what I love is that her twists are unique, but not too convoluted and forced so they just sound, and taste, plain delicious.

That’s why this recipe for Brown Butter Spaghetti with Baby Kale and Roasted Butternut Squash is one that’s right up my alley that goest straight down into my belly.


Dilly Dally Grilled Cheese Sandwich
from MacKenzie of Grilled Cheese Social

A grilled cheese with style and sass sits right at home on the blog of one of the funniest and freshest food bloggers I’ve had the pleasure to meet IRL, and that’s all thanks to MacKenzie, the creator of Grilled Cheese Social.

How she comes up with more and more and then even more innovative grilled cheese sandwiches is incredible, but it definitely has to do with her love of the cheese and the crazy brain that pulls it all together.

The Dilly Dally combines fresh ricotta, Humboldt Fog cheese, prosciutto, tart but sweetened cherry preserves and arugula all mixed in with a fried egg all melted between two slices of sourdough =is totally my kind of grilled cheese sandwich.

And you KNOW I love me a good old grilled cheese.

Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros with Avocado Salsa Verde
from Kathryn of Cookie & Kate

When I’m craving a stick to my ribs kinda breakfast, this, This, THIS type of recipe is exactly what I’m looking for.

While Kathryn shares plenty of delicious vegetarian dishes on her blog Cookie & Kate, so many of them are substantial enough that a non-veg like me doesn’t even miss mah’ meat. This huevos dish is a dish with some heat, some crunch, and a lot of ooey gooey goodness.

Give me anything with a fried egg on it (see the Dilly Dally Grilled Cheese above) and I am pretty much all over it. But when you slip over the line and add a sloppy slathering of avocado verde to swim around in, holy mother of breakfast! I’ve found my breakfast holy grail.

And as a bonus, what’s not to love thanks to her four-legged sous chef?


Kit Kat Cheesecake Bars
from Naomi of Bakers Royale

There are plenty of baking blogs that populate the world wide webs, deliciously sugared treats created by incredibly talented innovators when it comes to the chemistry of flour, sugar and butter.

But few make creations as lovely and inspiring as Naomi at Bakers Royale.

Her photo styling and picture taking prowess make each new post a treat in itself. I don’t even have to taste or smell what’s in the pic to get my cravings raging. While I’m totally wooed—or maybe woozy—by her cocktail popsicles aka geniusness, this recipe that combines all of my secret stash of cravings is what totally got me this year: chocolate, cheesecake,Twix bars and more chocolate and more chocolate.

Exactly what I love.

Happy New Year everyone, and here’s to plenty of cooking, baking and eating in 2014.

As always, all opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting companies I partner with, which allows me to create more unique content and recipes for you. 

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