Hello and Happy Friday friends!

Planes, trains and automobiles, it’s been a whirl wind week. I’m on leg 3 of a 5 leg-tour that’s taking me criss cross the country for two weeks of work mixed with pleasure. And man, how pleasureable it’s been…

First stop was dropping off Smudge for a 2 week cousin-infused stay in Houston, then off to Kansas City for the wedding of one of my favorite friends in food blogging and the best barbecue I’ve ever had pass by these less-than-pouty lips, then back to Houston for family time with my Smudge, my sister and nieces where we took off to explore Austin and hill country (because there’s more to Austin than just tech, and Instagrammable restaurants like the one above and tacos (but these were indeed tasty!) and now I’m riding high on Madison Avenue, sitting in this super swank hotel bar in NYC where I’m hooking up with more blogging friends and doing my best impression of The Real Housewives of NYC when we head to ooh-la-la The Hamptons. Uh-oh! I forgot my Labor Day whites! Black will just have to do. Then it’s back to NYC for a few days, back to Houston for a few more, and then…and theeeeeeeen, I’ll be heading home to see my man and my poochers and get back to some good old food blogger cooking!

Whew. And I will then be chained to my stove top, my computer and my tomato plants in hopes they will do better and be more prolific than last year. Fingers crossed.

But listen…I don’t want to do this alone. Follow along on all the adventures on Instagram and Instagram stories under the username @foodiecrush.

I just had an idea, maybe you’d like? Would you be interested in meeting and learning more about some of the food bloggers I’ll be with? Maybe an interview with Gina of Skinnytaste to find out what this James Beard nominee’s next cookbook will be about? Or a chat with Andie Mitchell to find out more about her 135 p0und weight loss? Now, I haven’t even asked them if they’d be interested or if we would have time with our planned schedule, so I may be putting the cart before the horse, but it could be a fun way to try out Instagram or Facebook Live a go. Let me know if that’s something you’d like to see in the comments below or e-mail me directly at heidi@foodiecrush.com

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But enough about me, let’s get into this week’s list of Friday Faves!

This BBQ chicken sounds fantastic!

This salad has ALL the things!


If you’re interested in a salad that’s more restrained.

Instant Pot recipe alert: Potato salad!

Now THIS is how you skin a watermelon.

These dessert bars are all about summer.

Get your iPhone ready, this list of donut spots will soon be all over Instagram.

We used to eat these all the time as a kid and I think I need to resurrect them.

This is how to look at a shrimp boil in a whole new way.

I’m ready to add this ice cream to my already growing list.

These muffins are totally happening.

If you like cilantro, you’re probably going to love this cocktail.

I’ve totally pre-ordered this book for Smudge. She is going to freak out.

Have you been watching season two of Master of None? I’m hooked. Here are some thoughts on that ending (spoiler alert!)

Also, if you’re in New York like I will be next week, and wanna eat and drink like Dev, here are all of season two’s restaurants, mapped out.

I’ve been staying with my sister while in Houston, who I had to ask what her latest obsessions are:

These illustrations are depressing, but powerful and important. #8 and #24 really got me.

How to be cool on Instagram and Snapchat, because guess what? The kids these days totally don’t think you are.

It’s almost here…Father’s Day gift guide.

You might be living in the new Austin: 5 cities where millennials are moving now.


5 trends we want to hate. But can’t.

In Austin we stopped in at the Warby Parker store (yes! a physical store!) and I wish I had left with these.

And then…it rained, like no rain I’ve seen before and I was wishing I had this totally new-fangled designed  umbrella. So smart!

This dress could become a summer wardrobe staple. And it’s on sale.

And if you’re going to foray into the jumpsuit trend, this one is a good gateway piece.

And then these shoes. You’ve seen them, and you’ve seen the knock-offs. I mean, can you really tell the $900 difference?

This baby might be the only thing to get me into Walmart.

Okay, well that’s it friends! I hope you have a delicious weekend, and get into the kitchen to make something good.

As always, thank you for reading and supporting companies I partner with, which allows me to create more unique content and recipes for you. All opinions are always my own.  

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