It’s a Fry-day. It’s a holey-day. Hellz yeah, it’s National Doughnut Day!

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Dunkers and sinkers, no matter what you call them or where you live, we all love them .

Far from the beyond-overexposed Krispy Kreme franchises (they lost all appeal when I found them “fresh baked” in my local grocery store) we’ve rounded up our top 5 make-at-home ringer recipes.

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photo > Butterfly Food

If the photos aren’t enough to compel you to try these light and airy hole-challenged treasures, their unusual source just might. Straight from a…mystery novel—love unusual inspirations—Easy Raised Donuts from Ash’s food blog Butterfly Foodie are beyond tempting with with strawberry glaze, sprinkles or toasted coconut.

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What better expert to feature on this holey-est of days than from the doyenne of doughnuts herself, Lara Ferroni, author of Doughnuts: Simple and Delicious Recipes to Make at Home. Her Baked Chocolate Cake Doughnuts are tender, chocolatey and baked—saving calories from frying so you can add just a couple more to your plate.

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photo > Tartlette

Healthy doughnuts? Er, well, maybe! Offseting the effects of the Fry Baby and solving Helene’s banana-overload conundrum, Tartlette‘s Banana Doughnuts with Dried Banana “Streusel”deliver a healthy dose of potassium rich bananas—mixed right into the batter—and when glazed and decadently topped with another dose of dried bananas, deliver a delicious contrast in textures.

FoodieCrush magazine Sips and Spoonfuls Nutella Doughnuts

photo > Sips and Spoonfuls

Doughnuts. And Dubai? Sukaina’s recipe for Nutella Doughnuts at Sips & Spoonfuls is proof enough that doughnuts hold international appeal, especially when combined with flavor of the month Nutella. Create her version with the hole or stuffed with a hazelly-Nutella center.

FoodieCrush Magazine Cherry Tea Cakes Maple Bacon Doughnuts

photo > Cherry Tea Cakes

And finally, riding the bacon wave that is almost ridden out, Jana from Cherry Tea Cakes takes a homemade riff on the popular donut I first saw at this downtown L.A. diner. Maple Bacon Donuts are the sort of flavor combo not found often enough : savory, sweet, salty—toppings that when combined  with the gooeyness of the moist doughnut cake make angels sing. Dig in, pour a big glass of milk and remember to leave room for the pound of bacon topping.

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