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Salmon season is upon us and I…am…ready…

Considered a top Superfood and packed with Omega 3’s (yes, that one-liner is a hangover from my days working for a natural health magazine) one of my favorite recipes for preparing salmon is simple: a fresh filet of firm, rich Copper River salmon, seasoned with a large grind of fresh peppercorns, a generous sprinkling of kosher salt that’s seared on a hot grill then topped with a yogurt-cucumber-dill sauce.

My husband is pretty much the king of grilling salmon, so when he declared he wanted to try a different recipe, something with a little more flavor-flav, I was curious to see what he’d come up with. And the search was for curry recipes was on.

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While I usually search the internet via tried and true foodie search resources, my husband Jeff casts a wider net with the ever-expanding-so-keep-on-digging-googlemachine. The result is blog finds that are off the beaten path. So when he found the recipe that inspired this post from What Did You Eat? for Kona Kampachi With Thai Red Curry Sauce, Cabbage Salad and Jasmine Rice. We figured it would adapt just fine to salmon thanks to the fish’s sturdiness and the sauce’s perfect combo of curry, coconut milk and the royal topper of a fresh cabbage and cucumber salad. Oh my, delicious!

And then we read the blog’s final entry made just a few short months after Sherry posted this recipe. It was a not so gentle, but lovely reminder of how quickly things can change.

Thank you and cheers to Sherry for continuing to share her legacy of recipes, photography and stories with those of us searching for the deliciousness in life.

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A spicy asian fish “stew” made with red curry paste, lovely fresh veggies and a sweetness thanks to coconut cream and pineapple chunks, Lydia’s Salmon Choo Chee is a quick and easy one pan—or wok—salmon dish. The Perfect Pantry is a mini-wikipedia of foodie ingredients and her list of additional recipes at the end of each post gives the reader more tasty options from fellow foodie bloggers. Now that’s foodie love!

FoodieCrush magazine Bonbini Fish Curryphoto > Bonbini

Prepared as a composed appetizer or small plate, blogger and Thai pastry chef Thip’s adaptation of her childhood Fish Curry from Bonbini is a pretty sample of red curry, fresh kaffir lime and the essential flavor of Thai fish sauce. If you can’t find kaffir lime leaves, substitute with finely grated lime zest for that fresh citrus flavor.

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A seasoned traveler and Thai curry lover, Christine of the blog The Weather in Cascadia adds shitake mushrooms and swiss chard to her take on Red Curry Salmon and Rice Noodles. Although she doesn’t note which noodles to use, I’d recommend rice noodles cooked for just a minute or two in the sauce to soak up some of the coconuty-goodness.

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