Right now I’m cozying up to fall. And I’m relishing it every step of the way.

I’m clearing the garden in anticipation of an imminent frost, hanging the Halloween ghosts from the oak trees in the front yard and craving simple, earthy flavors for dinner.

When it comes to simple and fall, I like to put a chunk of beef in the oven and let it braise, perfuming the house with its glorious smell. The smell that signals the change in season almost as much as the sound of bantering commentators and supercharged ‘manly music’ from Sunday’s NFL football games that drift from the man cave to where I’m safely hiding in the kitchen.

Short Rib Fettuccine is a favorite at our house, good for either weekend or weeknight, eat-it-now or leftovers later. Simple and fall.

I use a recipe from Giada de Laurentiis and will toss in a few mushrooms or switch up the pasta, like tonight I used fettuccine rather than tagliatelle. And definitely round it out with some good sopping-up-the-sauce-utensils like my Killer Garlic Rolls.


To round out this stellar meal, enjoy my fantasy virtual dinner from some of favorite foodie’s blogs.

Foodie Crush Magazine Food  Plus Words Cider Cocktail

What better to start off our virtual dinner buffet than a toast to Jaclyn’s impending nuptials with Food Plus Words Autumn Cider Mimosa. Clinks all around.

Foodie Crush Verses from My Kitchen Parmesan Flatbread

Join Mike and enjoy a dining warm-up with Verses From My Kitchen‘s Parmesan Flatbread with Dandelion Greens.

And then head over to Erin’s for Fresh 365‘s Sesame Kale Salad

FOodie Crush Magazine Turntable Kitchen Carrot Soup

Sweeten the dining deal with Kasey and Shaun’s Creamy Carrot Soup from Turntable Kitchen. And don’t forget to rock on crouton with Matthew’s music rec.

Foodie Crush Magazine Roost Blog Peart Tart

And to finish it all off, now that you’re stuffed but need a little sweet to take away the fullness let’s make a grand finale with Coco’s light and lovely Riesling Poached Pear Tart with Chai Spiced Custard & Almond Crust. We love you Roost.

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