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Chocolate Easter bunnies, jelly beans and those not-of-this-world colored Peeps drum up memories of Easter mornings. Memories of a hollow bunny that collapses upon itself at the first bite, jelly beans that glue themselves to the technicolor fake grass at the slightest hint of humidity and Peeps that unless you eat the entire box in one sitting, harden like a rock in a few hours time.

None of those high-octane Easter treats were very tempting to me as a child, yet alone as an adult. But there was, and still is, one Easter treat that I start hunting for the minute the candy sweethearts are stripped from the shelves come February 15.

Oh baby. Russell Stover Egg Nests.

I’m all about the Almond Joy, the German chocolate cake, the macaroons. Bring on the coconut and chocolate, that’s my temptation when it comes to the sugar stuff. And the Russel Stover Egg Nests aren’t usually easy to find. Most years I’ve had to load up at the beginning of the season so I can maintain my sugar high through Good Friday.

But this year I’ve found them still lurking in the stores and I’m wondering to myself, “Why?” And I think I’ve found the answer.

Because there’s no more jelly beans.

This year our chocolate nests are empty and it looks like my Easter tradition has become a casualty to inflation.

So for everyone who’s craving a jelly-filled-nest-alternative—me especially—here are a couple of cures.

FoodieCrush Sunday Hotpants Chocolate Coconut Macaroons

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The simple Bird’s Nest cookies – Chocolate Coconut Macaroons recipe from New Zealand’s Sunday Hot Pants showcases the big ingredient winner—coconut—these little nests look very much like the real thing when studded with pastel colored candy eggs.

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As a teen, my husband would cook up batches of no-bake cookies and eat the entire bowl without ever making a cookie so when I stumbled upon Cheri at Kitchen Simplicity‘s Un-Baked Cookie Nests I couldn’t resist. Love the styling using just white and yellow eggs mimicking the real deal. Check out the additional recipe in the same post for so cute Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispie Eggs.

FoodieCrush Art of Dessert Birds Nest Cookies

This recipe for Bird’s Nest Cookies from Art of Dessert forgoes the coconut, but does sound tasty with its combo of salty and sweet combination of chow mein noodles and butterscotch. Would probably be just as tasty with chocolate too.

FoodieCrush Two Peas and Their Pod chocolate pudding cookie recipephoto > Two Peas and Their Pod

And if you’re craving soft and gooey chocolate craving, Maria at Two Peas and Their Pod has cooked up Chocolate Pudding Cookies with another one of my favorite Easter treats: malted milk chocolate mini easter eggs. Yum.

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