Spicy Chocolate Bark with Chipotle and Almonds

by heidi February 6, 2014

Sweet treats don’t have to be time consuming. They just have to be good. In my book there’s nothing quite as simple, and definitely not as good, as a decadent, rich chocolate. Hit it with a little Chipotle spice and a salty crunch and man oh man, I go weak […]

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German Chocolate Cake

by heidi January 29, 2014
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Sometimes you feel like you’re batting a thousand, and sometimes you just don’t. I’m watching The Biggest Loser as I write this. Well sort of watching, it’s more in my sideline view. Those people are seriously changing their lives. 160 pounds lost and more? I mean wow. They have a team […]

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Dark Chocolate Brownies Plus Friday Faves

by heidi September 27, 2013
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In my book, there’s just one rule to live by: The more chocolate the better. These Dark Chocolate Brownies leave me praising the Cocoa Goddesses. Hallelujiah. It’s kind of like kid treat week, where we started off with Stuffed Pizza Rolls (Did you enter? Today is the last day to enter to […]

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German Chocolate Brownies In a Jar Plus Friday Faves

by heidi June 7, 2013
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It’s no secret for anyone who knows me that I am a chocolate girl when it comes to sweets. I have no problem passing up a Sour Patch Kid or Cherry flavored gummi bear. But pass a piece of chocolate in front of my face and it’s all but certain […]

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S’mores in a Jar and Friday Faves

by heidi May 17, 2013

Looking down at my calendar, I’m stunned to see it’s already Friday. The week has flewwwn by, thanks to lots of catch up after a great trip to Monterey earlier in the week with a group of other bloggers to tour the fields of Dole Salads (I hope you didn’t […]

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