Whoa nelly! There is some serious cookie talent out there amongst you foodie bloggers (as if we didn’t know it already.) The submissions have been rolling in and our contributing editor cookies@foodiecrush.com

  1. E-mail us your holiday cookie recipe
  2. E-mail us up to three versions of the photograph of the cookie at 300 dpi or the highest possible resolution photo that will woo us into a sugar coma, saved as a .jpg. Vertical orientation of your photo is preferred.
  3. E-mail us a photo of yourself in the high res form listed above—one that you’ll be happy to have the food loving masses ogle over (same style that you would use for a profile photo)

And now for the fine print: Submitting a recipe does not guarantee being featured in the article. All submissions will be reviewed and selections will be made based on the quality of recipe, number of recipes submitted within categories and quality of photography. Submissions will be accepted via e-mail only and must be a recipe that you, the submitter, have created and/or adapted with appropriate accredidations. NO SWIPED RECIPES OR IMAGERY ALLOWED! We want to celebrate your creativity, so let’s see it!

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