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Chipotle Honey Baked Chicken Wings

by heidi January 26, 2014
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Maybe it’s because I live a relatively drama-free life that I’m so obscenely attracted to spicy food. I’m just not one to drum up a whole lot of drama. I don’t create illnesses to obsess over. I don’t overthink the obvious. I pretty much just let things go. Just get […]

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French Onion Cheese Bread

by heidi January 22, 2014
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Onions. You either love ‘em or leave ‘em. I’ve always been a fan of melty, gooey cheese with a side of soup so of course my French Onion Soup recipe is my downright, most craveable shhhlurp. So when I was assigned with coming up with a craveable appetizer recipe, I set my […]

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Cranberry Baklava Phyllo Cups

by heidi December 29, 2013
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A new year calls for new tips in simplicity, especially in the kitchen. Sometimes I’m a short-cut kinda gal, which makes for some interesting cooking challenges. Because who wants to feel overwhelmed and overwrought at the mere thought of inviting friends over to enjoy some cheer in the new year? […]

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Mediterranean Mini Frittatas

by heidi December 2, 2013
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Eggs just might be one of those miracle ingredients. You know, the kind that can easily morph into breakfast or brunch then slide onto lunch and slither into brinner. Yep, breakfast + dinner = BRINNER! Bring on the mini fritattas. If breakfast + dinner = brinner maybe this recipe should […]

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Hot Shrimp Creamy Cheese Dip and Friday Faves

by heidi November 8, 2013
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I’m finishing up my unofficial, undeclared week of delicious cream cheese dips with just one more cheesy wonder: Hot Shrimp Creamy Cheese Dip. While I’ve been slathering my Smoked Salmon Spread on bagel crisps, and dipping chips into this Porter Caramelized Onion Dip (check out the cookbook giveaway that features […]

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