Easy Tomato Pasta Sauce Recipe

by heidi on September 4, 2014

Fresh Tomato Pasta Sauce recipe on foodiecrush.com

If you’re like me, cooking is simply part of life’s continuing education. Just when I think, “I’ve got this down pat,” or “There’s no possible way this could taste any better,” I get schooled once again.

Take for example the basic, elemental pasta sauce. The one that is so simple it works as the foundation for so many tomato-based recipes where other ingredients do the glitzy red-carpet-look-at-me-I’m-the-star work and the tomato sauce simply shines in the background.

I thought I knew this recipe just by intuition and from following recipes handed down to me from family or ones I’d learned from my hoarder’s collection of magazines.

But I have just discovered, I was doing it all wrong.

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Bacon Wrapped Grilled Peaches with Balsamic Glaze #recipe on foodiecrush.com

The first bite of recipe creating inspiration for me often starts with—you got it—the first bite.

Case in point, my dinner last Friday night. Even though it was Labor Day weekend, the mountains delivered a chilly preview of what’s soon to be in store. I love fall. I can’t wait.

My husband and I were invited to mark the end of summer at the Wasatch Mountain Table at nearby Solitude Resort. It was a very, very long table set at the bottom of a ski hill among forests of trees and a wandering river.

Wasatch Mountain Table at Solitude Resort

We met some incredibly fun tablemates and laughed the night away, because that what food and drink does to a crowd. But the real focus of the night was the delicious food accented with beer pairings from one of my husband’s favorite local brewers, Epic Brewery.

Peaches are a staple fruit in Utah with orchards dotting the freeways that run north all the way to the border of Idaho. One of the appetizers at our Friday night dinner was a grill full of these Bacon Wrapped Grilled Peaches. Chef Neville cooked down Epic Brewery’s Brainless on Peaches Belgian Ale into the balsamic glaze.

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Friday Faves

by heidi on August 29, 2014

It’s been a full week of back to school and, man oh man! I think we’ve all actually survived.


The alarm went off without a hitch every day, Smudge made her own school lunches (glory be, I love 5th grade!) and I somehow didn’t forget to pick her up even once after school! Pat on the back for this mama and thank you for iPhone alarms.

Before you know it, she’ll be making her bed every day before school. Hey, a mom can dream, right?

Last weekend we were in South Eastern Utah among the red rocks of Capitol Reef for the reunion show of my husband’s punk band, Big Face. The rocked it and I was so proud of my boy!

He didn’t know I was going to mention this so when my husband asked me if I said anything about him in this week’s list, I hedged. “Why would I say anything about you?” I asked. “Because it’s Friday,” he replied. “And I’m your fave.”

Ahhhh. Yep, he is.


He likes to pull this same pose every morning while gazing in the mirror. It’s his version of sun salutations. *wink

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

On the drive down we stopped for a good old greasy burger and fries. Nothing says comfort food like a mountain lion watching you eat.

So what’s in store for this long holiday weekend?

We have low-key plans to finish out these dog days. While others are recovering from their Fantasy Football League draft pick sessions, we’ll be spending the final hours of summer at the pool to eek out that last bit of sunshine for a true blue Malibu Barbie tan. Then it’s time to bbq with friends on the deck, and…FUN…rip out the carpet in Smudge’s room thanks to a certain dog who even after two years doesn’t seem to get the concept of potty training when she doesn’t feel like it.

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You might have a secret desire to be Suzy homemaker. Or to be known as the Martha Stewart of your neighborhood. Or strive to be just like whoever that overachiever is on Pinterest who makes, creates and cooks every. single. thing. from scratch.

One Pan Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Creamy Chicken #recipe on foodiecrush.com

I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to let those dreams die.

It’s okay to take a short cut here and there.

You don’t have to do it all, every. single. time. Especially when it comes to weeknights in the kitchen when all you’re craving is some simple, easy comfort food.

Hey! Let’s jump on the short cut, one-pan-dinner train together.

One Pan Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Creamy Chicken #recipe on foodiecrush.com

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Last fall I was invited on a once in a lifetime trip with a few other food bloggers to visit The American Club and the Kohler Food and Wine Experience in Kohler, WI.

Kohler Food & Wine Experience and Cat Cora Giveaway

But I must admit, at first I was a bit puzzled.

After completing four home remodels and choosing luxe Kohler tubs for the last of the two (this girl LOVES her tubs), I obviously knew that Kohler created kitchen sinks, baths and toilets. But there’s a town named Kohler? With a wine and food festival featuring celebrity chefs (Cat Cora and Jacques Pépin) who the average person (me) could get up close and personal with? And a luxury resort that had just been named Condé Nast’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best Resort in the Midwest?

This trip was something I was totally down with experiencing. But I had no idea of the level of me being spoiled that were in store…did I really deserve this foodie’s dream?


This year, the 2014 Kohler Food and Wine Experience is set for October 23-26, with tickets on sale now. And I’m about to tell you why you should really consider hitting the road—or the air—to check it out for yourself, and maybe get a selfie with this year’s celeb chefs like America’s Test Kitchens’ Christopher Kimball or clink wine glasses with Iron Chefs Graham Elliott and Geoffrey Zakarian.

Or be like me and just get spoiled rotten with a weekend of serious R&R and a dose of red, rosé and white.

Stay tuned ‘til the end of the post to enter my Cook Like Cat Cora giveaway.

But first, let’s visit Kohler, WI and see what some famous chefs had to say…

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