Grilled cheese sandwiches are probably one of the easiest, most classic sandwich recipes ever invented. Taking a photo of one is sometimes another story.

Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese

You know how the recipe goes: 2 slices of cheese, two slices of bread, 2 slathers of sweet butter. Seriously, can comfort food really get any better? Okay, maybe when dipped in homemade tomato soup, but that’s kind of a given.

Then you have us recipe makers who just can’t seem to leave well enough alone. We simply cannot just make a simple grilled cheese.

We get all inspired and load on stuff like bacon, lobster, strawberries and definitely avocado. Sometimes they’re even healthified with trendy foodie ingredients like kale and shiitake mushrooms or begging-for-5-napkins-or-more buffalo chicken.

And that’s where the fun really begins.

Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese

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The month of May. so. much. going. including the fact that the IRS is no longer banging on our doors! Let’s celebrate with cocktails and this week’s list of Friday Faves.

Friday Faves

Every year, the beginning of May is packed with events to celebrate with a few clinks of the glasses and shots to be shared. Pass the lime and salt please.

Kentucky Derby = classic mint juleps paired with seriously flourishing good, and bad, hat fetishes. Whoa.

Cinco de Mayo = margaritas, Mexican food fests (like my list of 70 must try recipes) and daydreams of Tulum.

Mother’s Day = champagne bubbles, languid brunches and mama love tributes.

We may have to call Betty Ford before we’re even into mid-month. Oh but, why not enjoy? May only comes once a year.

How about some Friday Faves friends?

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Frozen cocktails aren’t really my thing. I save my frozen tendencies drinkable with a straw for milkshakes and smoothies.

Mango Margarita with Chile Salt and Lime

My idea of a great margarita is to make it strong and put it on the rocks.

That is, until, it’s a Mango Margarita. Then I say make it fruity, a bit limey and add some spice and bring me another.

The first time I had a mango margarita was on a Mexican vacation in the small beach town of Todos Santos (if you haven’t been, you HAVE to go) with my little family of three and my BFF Kim and her husband. We’d rented our other friend’s vacation house (see it here) where we blew up the pool toys and made the very necessary trip to the Mexican market to stock up on essentials: Chips and salsa, Mexican pancake mix (loaded with sugar and insanely delicious,) Nutella, mangos, lime and tequila.

Bienvenidos! Let’s get this party started. 

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Today, homemade c-r-e-p-e-s spell b-r-u-n-c-h.

Crepes for Brunch

While most any other time of the year I lean more toward get togethers via BBQs and dinner parties, sometime between Easter and Mother’s Day my cravings for celebrating with brunch hit an all-time high.

I love my go-to brunch favorites Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole and Banana and Chocolate Chip Baked French Toast because they’re just so dang easy to have done beforehand.

But I think it’s a lot more fun when all hands are on deck, so breakfast and brunch become a little more DIY.

Crepes for Brunch

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Spicy Fish Tacos

by heidi on April 28, 2014

Family and food. They go together like butter and biscuits. It’s what every foundation of every civilization is built upon. To sit down to a meal, with forks in position and a wealth of new and old stories to tell.

Spicy Fish Tacos

I too often forget how much I love these simple dinners with the whole gaggle of extended family about. I have to remind myself it really isn’t that hard to send a text, give a call and have someone bring the salsa and chips, someone else grab a dessert.

Because we all want to be involved. It’s half the fun. Especially when everyone else digs in and starts doing the dishes. Best part ever.

So to prep for Cinco de Mayo and test out some new recipes on our loved ones aka guinea pigs, my man and I sent out the call and the flock arrived, ready to chow down on some scrumptious eats.

Basically I was just itching for an excuse to make these Spicy Fish Tacos.

Good news everyone! They received a table-full of hearty thumbs ups.

Spicy Fish Tacos

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