Chicken Pot Pie Pizza

by heidi on February 18, 2014

Chicken Pot Pie could quite possibly take the lead in the race for my favorite meal ever. Three different times I’ve started a blog post to share my favorite comfort food, to cook and photograph my traditional Chicken Pot Pie recipe.

Chicken Pot Pie Pizza

And each time it doesn’t happen.

Because it just isn’t perfect enough to take a picture of. Or I’m my family is too dang hungry to wait for a picture to be taken of the final result and we end up destroying the flaky crust with our digging for pot pie gold forks. Those are the reasons I’ve yet to post my Chicken Pot Pie on the bloggity blog.

I’m going to have to make an extra effort to work on that. And that’s why this traditional recipe just found a brand new vessel to take for a test drive.

Chicken Pot Pie Pizza

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Friday Faves Because I Ruv You Pal

by heidi on February 14, 2014

How we shared our first Valentine’s day wasn’t traditionally romantic with flowers and chocolates. It was a little more secretive and even a little bit scandalous.

Friday Faves Valentines Day

Flirtation and attraction was in the air with this valentine nearby. It was sweeter than chocolate and longer lasting than roses. We exchanged it back and forth all night, in secret so that nobody would notice.

It’s become our catch phrase, our signature. How we say I love you and how we say we’re sorry. And after a long road together, Valentine’s day will always be our first day.

So what I want to say to my valentine today is, “I Ruv You, Pal,” and I know he’ll tell me the same.

I’ve waxed on all week with odes to Valentine’s Day, making chocolate a savory affair as pasta dressed up in cheese, chocolate that’s been spiced up but still sweet and chocolate paired with fresh fruits in a handily portable hand pie. And did I mention the 55 V-day sips and sweets not to miss?

Let’s just say a detox could be lurking right around the corner.

But until then…

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Most gals yearn for chocolate. Put me in the “yes” category on that one. Romantic dinner for two? The occasion definitely calls for pasta. Combine these two ingredients for a romantic Valentine’s Day and wha-la! Chocolate Pasta with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce.

Chocolate Pasta with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce

Chocolate pasta? Say what? Did you do a double take?

Okay, I may have lost it this time. Chocolate with cheese? Why not? It certainly works on cheese boards, so why not in one hot bowl for me and my lover?

I’ve been harboring this package of chocolate pasta for a while now all in anticipation of Valentine’s Day. The moment I laid eyes on it while roaming the eyes of Home Goods (I find so many unexpected finds there!) my synapses snapped.

Chocolate Pasta with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce

Chocolate. Spunky cheese. Cream. A few really good ingredients to make a really great dish. My head was in forward motion. My recipe practically wrote itself as I was standing in the gourmet foods aisle.

But then this recipe almost didn’t see the light of day.

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55 Lover-ly Valentine Desserts and Drinks

by heidi on February 12, 2014

Valentine’s Day is upon us and love is in the air. Everywhere we look around. Love is in the air. Every sight and every sound. Were you like me and love this song

Whether you’ll be in the company of your best girls, celebrating Gal-entine’s Day over cocktails (thanks Leslie Knope), cooking with your sweetie, or rocking it solo, we’ve got you covered. We’ve scoured the web for some of the sexiest, cutest, festive recipes for this holiday, and we think you’ll fall in love (or at least go a bit weak in the knees). 

55 Lover-ly Valentine Desserts and Drinks

Thanks to my intrepid contributor Hayley, (definitely check her out over here and here) today’s post is chock-full of sweetness, bubbles and lots of pink. And THAT is what Valentine’s Day is all about.

Now, let’s get that heart going pitter-patter…

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There are so many reasons to eat well in this world. For the fortunate—those that have a paycheck to spend and nutritious food nearby to invest that paycheck in—there are many opportunities to do so.

Pizza Stuffed Portobello Mushroom |

But for some life doesn’t work that way. There isn’t a paycheck. Sometimes there isn’t even a store. And others to provide for you? That could very possibly be out of the question too.

For adults in this situation it can become a circular battle that just keeps spinning out of control. For an adult who isn’t sure of where their next meal is coming from, at least they can be hopeful that there is a way out and work toward that goal.

But what about the children? Children who don’t have access to food? Kids who are forever hungry. Starving even. Those little faces who have no control over where or if they’ll be eating today, tomorrow or next week? Can you imagine how scared they must feel? How overwhelming it must be to simply. not. know.

Today I’m asking that you join me in making a change in the lives of those that go hungry. I’m challenging you to join me in donating just $10 to The Lunchbox Fund to provide lunch for 100 school children for one year. A lunch that could possibly be there only meal of the day.

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