You know how it is when you see something you love on a blog, and then you forget where or when you saw it? Well, today I’m introducing a new feature on FoodieCrush that will help you keep track of your faves on the wwww, with no downloading of apps or hoops to jump through to get started.
CliqueMe Disney + VISA Giveaway on
And to really get you going, I’ve joined up with some of my blogging friends who also have this feature installed on their sites to offer you an amazing chance to win four (4) Disney Park Hopper Tickets PLUS a $1,500 Visa Gift Card.
Summer vacation here we come!
This new feature on FoodieCrush is called CliqueMe. You may have noticed that if you hover your mouse over any image on this blog, you’ll see a black bar with a little heart and comment bubble with numbers pop up in the bottom right-hand corner of the photo. (Go ahead and try it with the photo above or below.)

CliqueMe Disney + VISA Giveaway on

So, What is CliqueMe?

CliqueMe is like a new social network on all of your favorite sites that you access without ever leaving the site or blog to share / tag / remember your favorites. And it’s mobile, too!

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The midwest may lay claim to the best corn in the land (because of the farmers I talked about here and the blogger’s recipes here). I’m gonna have to toss this one to the judges, aka my corn lovin’ family, and declare, Northern Utah does a mighty fine job of supplying the sweetest kernels around.While our local varieties haven’t quite yet come in, I’m still putting Smudge to work at perfecting her skills at shucking. Isn’t that how we all started? On the porch, with a brown grocery bag stuck between our legs and corn strands stuck to every part of our arms and legs?

For Smudge, each cob becomes a sword to wield at friends or foe or much-to-their-discontent-dog trotting past. A light saber to take her into the future, and me into the past. Or this time around as a beautiful ballerina with long hair in a tutu made of corn husk.

Man, I wish my train of thought as a mom was as simple as it is for my daughter. But then, it is all about what you make it.


This week I was in Madison, WI, dodging tornado warnings and donning my fat pants to judge the Grilled Cheese Academy’s Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown. 2 hours straight of eating grilled cheese sandwiches. And then someone won $10,000 when deemed as the grand prize winner. But that, I can’t yet spill the beans on.

Let’s just say I have a great job. I know I do. Because that’s what I make it.

I’ll be sharing more soon, but until then, here’s to this week’s Friday Faves.

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I try my best when it comes to cooking and baking from scratch for my family and friends. But sometimes, the time it takes to cook from scratch takes a back seat to having fun in the sun. Today I have a great recipe and $100 Grilling Giveaway at the end of this post that’ll help you balance the two.

My dad taught me something early in life. You always want to have back-ups. Whether it’s extra rolls of toilet paper, another pair of your favorite flip-flops, or having enough pickle relish on hand to feed the Spanish marines (one of my mom’s favorite sayings), you gotta have extras for those times in need.

That’s why my freezer is my friend. Frozen veggies, frozen shrimp and of course, ice cream. They’re all at the ready when in need in the kitchen. Recently, I’ve added a new freezer back-up that’s become a summer staple. Gold’n Plump Chicken

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Presented by Spike TV’s Frankenfood. Premiers Sunday, June 22 at 10/9c.

Why subsist in the normal when you can revel in the outrageous? It’s what puts the spice in life. And sometimes it makes us scratch our heads and say, “Really? Would those flavors really taste good together???”

I know you’ve noticed it, too. Culinary creations that border on the line of incredible. Sometimes even a tad bizarre. Where mash-ups of menu favorites go head-to-head, meet and then marry to become unexpected culinary masterpieces.

That’s what Frankenfood is all about.

I have a personal relationship with this culinary creature that’s been introduced to the world as Frankenfood. It all started with my husband’s, ahem, “creative ways” in the kitchen.

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What more is there to say about barn-burner weekends? Except for the fact they go way too fast. So this weekend I’m going to settle on down, take a cog out of the engine and simply enjoy.

I may even take a ride down the slide. I think you should too.

Last weekend we celebrated Smudge’s birthday with 10 year old girls channeling their inner Catching Fire in a dousing whip cream fight, gliding under the disco ball roller skating, karaoke belting of Greased Lightning and a no-mention-of-that-evil-doll-Chucky-or-you’re-going-home sleepover. And that was just the first night.

Oreo Chocolate Cake

Of course the main event came about by way of the birthday cake. Last week I shared a recipe round-up of classic birthday cakes. It was a hard decision, but Barbara’s Chocolate Cake with Oreo Cheesecake Filling won the birthday blow-out prize. Mine (above) didn’t turn out quite as perfectly as hers since I got all impatient and put the ganache on too fast and maybe it was just a little bit too warm. Drizzle and drip. It totally didn’t matter because it tasted aaaaahhhhmazing!

This weekend the birthday is over but the parties haven’t shut down, yet. Friday the 13th (yikes!), Father’s Day, my dad’s birthday next week and then there’s always Tuesday…because who doesn’t want to celebrate Tuesdays?

But first, let’s dig into this week’s Friday Faves…

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