I’m a visual learner. I’m the original demographic for DIY and how-to videos. Lucky for me, and others like me, there’s Craftsy.

Pesto Pizza with Fresh Tomatoes and Mozzarella #recipe on foodiecrush.com

This post is part of my on-going partnership with Craftsy, to share what I’ve learned from their online classes. This time around we’re talking and teaching pizza. And bonus, this class that has an Italian classic fare is FREE.

This free Craftsy class is taught by master baker Peter Reinhart who shares the ins and outs, stretches and punches of Perfect Pizza at Home. It made a fab base for my Pesto Pizza with Fresh Tomatoes and Mozzarella. I used the pesto recipe Reinhart shares in the class to compliment my first harvest of my garden’s Supersweet 100 baby tomatoes (yes, they are THAT sweet!) and fresh mozzarella from the farmer’s market.

So let’s get down to it and talk about what I like about this Perfect Pizza.

Pesto Pizza with Fresh Tomatoes and Mozzarella #recipe on foodiecrush.com

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10 Frozen Dessert Recipes That Will Get Your Chill On

by Hayley Putnam on August 6, 2014

We know, we’re killin’ ya—last month it was 20 classic pies, and now we’re here tickling your tasters with a sampling of frozen desserts.

10 Frozen Dessert Recipes on foodiecrush.com

Ain’t life grand?

With the dog days of summer at our doorstep, if you live anywhere even remotely close to where the sun shines hot and bright, you know not much cools a body down better than a frozen treat.

Not that we ever need an excuse to eat ice cream or any of the other delectable icy goodies in its vein—we’d eat it any day, but we’d especially eat it on a 95-degree, hotter than a cat on a hot tin roof kind of day.

First off, we’re sharing a few fun things that’ll help you keep your cool, or at least leave you daydreaming about the chill.

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Reading other people’s blogs is a voyeuristic experience. It transports us into the living rooms and lives of people we’ve never met and offers an intimate glance into their daily routines and states of mind.


Even better, reading other people’s food blogs transports us into their kitchens and Sarah Kieffer’s The Vanilla Bean Blog is one I happily get lost in. The self-taught baker, photographer, and muse has captured the hearts of readers near and far with her intimate prose and inviting candor, proven by recently being awarded Saveur‘s Reader’s Choice Best Baking and Desserts Blog award.

“I’m self-taught, and learned (and am still learning!) mostly from playing around with light and angles, and trying to emulate photographers and photos that I like,” Sarah shares. “Photographers I love: Max WangerNatalie OrtonParker FitzgeraldKristy CarlsonValerina Spring, and Katie Quinn Davies, just to name a few.”

Raspberry Cacao Nib Sugar Buns

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Friday Faves

by heidi on August 1, 2014

Chewy Friday Faves

What’s inside matters. People, places, things, food. No matter what it looks like on the outside, the inside is where it’s at.

I think we all have a tendency to put on that hard, outer shell. The force field of a bubble that shields us from the crap the world delivers to our doorsteps. The key is to remember that shielding and retreating is perfectly acceptable and enduring life’s trials and tribulations makes us stronger. Until shielding and retreating becomes a habit. Or a crutch. Or a place we go to ignore what’s really going on.

Luckily for many of us, it also doesn’t take much to pull us out of our proverbial rabbit holes. Warms rays of sunshine on a sun-starved face, a warm smile from a stranger or the gentle caress of someone you love that without words says, “Everything is going to be all right.”

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Grilled Romaine Salad with Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp #recipe on foodiecrush.com

I like to think I have an adventuresome palate. Not that you’ll find me eating deep-fried crickets anytime soon—or should I say again—like that time I did in Thailand. But that is another story for another day.

Boring salads are my nemesis. I’m more into loading it on with a fresh and vibrant variety of flavors when it comes to dressing up the greens. Just one reason why I’m happy to share this salad recipe as part of my partnership with DeLallo Foods and their new line of SaladSavors®.

I’ve been on a grilling charge this month and could see no reason to stop at lettuce. Crunchy romaine hearts are sturdy enough to embrace a charcoal sear so that’s whey they were my top choice as the base of this hearty salad.

Next up, protein. If I’m making a salad for a main meal I need to add a dose of protein to get me through to my next mealtime. Shrimp is one of my favorite salad pairings, and since I was already heating up the grill, a wrap of salty proscuitto around my soon to be crusty crustaceans thanks to the char of the embers was exactly what was in order.

Then it was time for my favorite part, the colorful accoutrements. That’s fancy speak for tasty toppings.

Grilled Romaine Salad with Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp #recipe on foodiecrush.com

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