Homemade Cheeseburger Macaroni

by heidi February 3, 2014
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I’m not embarrassed to admit it. In our first days of being married—yep, that was just a feeeewww years ago—Cheeseburger Hamburger Helper was totally a favorite of my husband and mine. Maybe it’s because my mom rarely made dinner from the box that gave that dang Hamburger Helper version a […]

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These Kids Only Get One Meal a Day. Help Make It Be One that Counts.

by heidi February 2, 2014
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I’m just one of many content creators who create recipes, take drool-inducing photos of their inspired dishes (hopefully) and share it with the world through blogs. The ingredients we shop for and the food we make is readily accessible and plentiful. Shopping at the grocery store is just a car-ride /subway […]

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Friday Faves and 5 Decadent Cake Recipes

by heidi January 31, 2014
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Here we are, the last day of January. Are you still resolving, er, goal-setting? Or have you settled into your old routine and can’t wait for February to hit with it’s white sales, bikini displays at the mall and Superbowl feasts or Valentine’s Day treats? I’m still on the bandwagon, […]

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The American Farmer and Iowa Corn Quest Tour

by heidi January 30, 2014

Although he’s officially handed over the reins, 82 year old farmer Bill Rempp still continues to work alongside his son Kevin on the 1,200 acre family farm in central Iowa, better known as the heartland of America. And some days—when he’s lucky—you just might find his 6-month-old great grandson, Will, […]

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German Chocolate Cake

by heidi January 29, 2014
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Sometimes you feel like you’re batting a thousand, and sometimes you just don’t. I’m watching The Biggest Loser as I write this. Well sort of watching, it’s more in my sideline view. Those people are seriously changing their lives. 160 pounds lost and more? I mean wow. They have a team […]

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