Valentine’s Day. Just knowing that someone loves you should be enough. But…if that’s the case…then why is it so much fun to give, and get, a little love?

Apple and Pear Chocolate Hand Pies

I vividly remember my 3rd grade Valentine’s Day. My doily and construction heart decorated valentine’s box eagerly awaited a valentine, any valentine, from the debonair, brown haired, almost as tall as me, Kendall.

To my relief, his valentine to me was deposited in my gussied up shoebox, along with the same valentine to the other 28 in my class, and it was just about as special as the carbon copy sentiment he gave to everyone else.

It was my first lesson in love: You have to put in the effort to make it special.

This year I’ve already received a warm-up Valentine’s Day Gift Basket from my friends at Harry & David. Once again they’ve proved that they are the experts at knowing how to make the recipient feel special. I wish they’d been around to talk to Kendall…

Apple and Pear Chocolate Hand Pies

Pink (!) foiled Royal Riviera Pears nestled in cupped ruffled paper sat alongside pears adorned with valentine heart stickers. Kiss me? Okay! Apples that were fresh crunchy, and swooped up by my Smudge. And what would a valentine be without chocolate? In my book it would be no valentine at all. Happily this Valentine’s Day Gift Basket was stocked with Harry & David chocolate covered cherries AND chocolate truffles!

Now we are talking sweet treats that make my heart go beat. beat.

With this bounty of fruit and chocolate I was inspired to create a little something special, a little Valentine’s Day treat to share with my lovebirds.

Hop on over to Harry & David’s new blog to see how I used each ingredient in my Valentine’s Day basket, all in one deliciously sweet recipe.

Get my Apple and Pear Chocolate Hand Pies recipe here.

Apple and Pear Chocolate Hand Pies

For more inspiration I’ve created with Harry & David, check out this chocolate Valentine ode, this cherried up sangria and how to make entertaining easy.

And hey Kendall, have a Happy Valentine’s Day, wherever you are.

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