5 Food Blogs I'm Following Now Sept 14

This week we’re all recovering from the last bash of summer and dreaming of the fall harvest of tomatoes, apples and dare I say, pumpkins? Don’t shoot the messenger, but it’s here folks!

We’re back after our break to bring you another list of 5 food blogs I’m reading now.  Because I’m often asked about new food blogs I’ve discovered, who I’m reading now, and where to find inspiration for great recipes and beautiful food photography, I’m happy to share a few that are always highlights of my blog reader.

Following is a short list of just some of the food blogs I’m following now. Some might be more well known, some could be flying under the radar. Either way, they’re spots on the web totally worthy of your precious time.

And thank you so much for reading FoodieCrush and these faves. You guys make my day. XO

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On a Friday Faves sidenote, I just have to say how much I will miss Joan Rivers. I can’t believe she’s gone, because she’s simply always been there. Her humor, work ethic and endurance in Hollywood are things I’ve always admired. There are few who could create and deliver a joke with a punch quite like her, and these are 35 of her best.

“I’m no cook. When I want lemon on chicken, I spray it with Pledge.” ~Joan Rivers, RIP

And now, let’s get to those food blogs I’m following now.



Gimme Some Oven

“One of my favorite things on earth is getting to spend time around the table with good people and good food. And all the better when that food is tasty and prepared homemade. And, if you ask me, even better if that food is quick and easy to prepare, so that you can enjoy hanging out and making memories with friends and family you love, instead of stressing out over a soufflé in the kitchen.”

Sometimes it may seem to readers that bloggers live in a fairy-tale, always Pinterest-worthy world. I think we’ll all be the first to admit that, yes, sometimes we do project the image that we’re always happy and wake up every day with a smile on our faces as we fork-dive into that perfectly drizzled with ganache chocolate bundt cake.

While that might be the faking-it-case for some on the interwebs, there’s one blogger I’ve come to know, respect, and yes, definitely love like a sister, for her truth in her writing, her honesty about her hopes and dreams, and Damn! This girl can take a make-the-mouth-water-at-one-glance of her food photos like Pavlov and his dog only dreamed of.

A classically trained musician and vocalist, Ali of the 5 year old, multi-layered blog Gimme Some Oven is a sincere and lovely force to be reckoned with—in her very full life and online and off. She consistently delivers recipes (at last count over 900 of them!) that are somehow just fresher and more creative in the simplest of ways than the rest of us. Most often when I see one of her recipes pop up in my reader I want to give myself a palm to the forehead smack as I wonder, “So smart! Now, why didn’t I think of that?”

While she may be most well known for her recipes, one of my favorite parts about Ali and Gimme Some Oven are the special lifestyle series she’s introduced on her blog. Whether it’s celebrating her friendships and tips on how to create the best book club ever, getting her craft on and sharing how to make a DIY terrarium or sharing amazing interviews about amazing people in her life, Gimme Some Oven covers life’s essential bases.

Don’t miss: Ali is one of the most open food bloggers out there and the proof is in the pudding in her series of posts about being 30 and single. In the series Ali shares honest observations about her vulnerabilities, discoveries and gives all of herself to her readers. And I adore her for every precious nugget she puts out there.


Chicken Alfredo Baked Ziti

I had big plans and bought all of the ingredients to post a recipe just like this on FC, but the next day I saw Ali’s rendition and put my plans on hold. There’s not much chance of improvement on this pile o’ cheesy pasta.

Recipe here


Ginger Peach Crumble

Just one more shining example of how Ali shares not only easy to make at home recipes, but weaves in a few life lessons on the way to the kitchen.

Recipe here. 


Rainbow Veggie Flatbread

This is exactly the type of recipe where I nod my head and agree with you that Ali has a knack for originality but keeps it simple.

Recipe here

See more of Ali and Gimme Some Oven here.



The Sugar Hit

“The Sugar Hit works on a ‘no calorie wastage’ policy. If it’s on the site, you can rest assured it’s well worth the potential extra time at the gym.”

Close your eyes. You can almost smell it, can’t you? Something sweetly delicious gently wafting from the kitchen. And then you open your eyes, take a look at your computer screen are realize…BAM! It hits you square right between those baby blues. You’ve just landed on the food blog The Sugar Hit.

The creator of this Australian-based blog takes a cue from classic comic book stylings to portray a let’s-not-take-life-so-serious-and-have-fun-instead style with plenty of graphic pops that pack a PUNCH! and make you go WOW!

As the blog’s name suggests, Sarah’s focal point is sweets, but she keeps it real with a smattering of savory and snacks to keep every palate happy, creating recipes and photography that make you want to smack down and get right. down. into the feast with all hands on deck.

I’m a fan of Sarah and The Sugar Hit because of it’s gorgeous photos, interesting recipes that always take it up a notch, and as I’ve said time and again, to satiate my hidden baker desires. Thanks to recipes like HOLY Blueberry Vanilla Bread! I’m one step closer to becoming the baker of my dreams.

Don’t miss: Sarah has a penchant for cruising her cookbooks for inspiration every day of the week. Except Monday. That’s when she hits the www in search of delicious doses of eats found on the sometimes dicey streets in her series of recipes themed Street Food Monday.


Pain au Raisin

Is there any more decadent of a breakfast sweet than a swirly, buttery, flaky one filled with custard and fruit? Not in my book. While Sarah says these take a bit of extra work, I’m thinking they’re definitely worth every bite.

Recipe here


Greek Chicken Souvlaki

Wrap me up in a pita and take me home! Whether this is truly authentic or not (hello! amped up and loaded with french fries) Sarah’s souvlaki wrap is totally my style.

Recipe here


Salted Caramel Macadamia Pull Apart Bread

While I’ve seen my fair share of pull apart breads on the www, Miss Sarah’s takes the cake, er, bread?

Recipe here.

See more of Sarah and The Sugar Hit here.



40 Aprons

“We eat well for great health most of the time…but sometimes we eat poorly for great mental health!”

I’m not professing to be vegan. In fact, I’m probably the exact opposite of vegan (hello milk, butter and cheese.) But that’s exactly why I love a blog like 40 Aprons, where it’s more about balance and less about rules. Because rules don’t fit me very well. Ask my mom, I tend to break them.

40 Aprons’s majority of recipes are vegan and whole foods based. But unlike some vegan food blogs that mostly feature simple vegetable / pasta / whole grain combinations of salads and sides to create their dairy and meat free menus, Cheryl strives to feature hearty fare that emulates what you’d see on a non-vegan dinner table.

Cheryl’s collection of real-life retro aprons (28 at the latest count!) led to her blog’s new name and keeps her in the kitchen when she isn’t busy designing websites. Her tastes in recipes run the gamut from savory to sweet and is happy to impart trendy ingredients like Matcha aka green tea powder or how to make kombucha in your own kitchen.

Her expertise in the kitchen doesn’t end there. If you’re into budgeting and meal planning, check out Cheryl’s post on how to use technology to make meal planning easier and more cost effective.

Don’t miss: If you’re a newbie or wanna be food blogger, or even a veteran who’s staying on top of the game, check out Cheryl’s post on How to Start a Food Blog.


Dark Chocolate Cherry S’mores

This recipe is the one that played the pied piper to my discovery of 40 Aprons, the one that drew me into this foodie wonderland. And now I bet you’re feeling that trancelike feeling too. Don’t resist it, just follow it.

Recipe here.


Tofu “Chicken” Nuggets with Sriracha Mayo

The secret to this vegan-fied “chicken” bite is an infusion of chickn broth straight into the tofu. You may never go back to chicken again.

Recipe here


Vegan Moroccan Meatballs

Cheryl created this recipe to serve both her husband’s craving for meat and her desires for a vegan option of one of her favorite pre-going-vegan dishes. She splits the sauce and simmers both versions of meatballs delivering two individual, and very happy, batches.

Recipe here

See more of Cheryl and 40 Aprons here.



She Wears Many Hats

“Some blogs are just like old friends. They’re warm, welcoming and no matter how long it’s been since you’ve visited, you feel right at home when you’re back together again.”

I first met Amy from the food blog She Wears Many Hats on my first blogging trip and from there became familiar with her blog. We bonded over our backgrounds as art directors turned bloggers. We gabbed about photography, travel and talked shop and within minutes, her Southern drawl totally won me over.

Ever since then, I’ve been an ardent admirer of just what her blog’s name describes, the many hats Amy and her blog wears. Amy’s varied interests are all on her blog to be shared with the world. She easily inspires her readers to explore DIY home projectsgardening  (she’s a master gardener), random musings and one amazingly talented singing shadow puppet dog.

Her food style is typical Amy. She Wears Many Hat’s recipes are easy-going and sure to be family friendly. Her recipe index reads like your favorite basics cookbook, the one you return to time and again for tried and true favorites with recipe twists and creativity that take everyday dishes—like chicken—to new heights—like this Coconut Milk Baked Chicken. A talented photographer, Amy’s styling is less precious, more real and always tasty to the core.

Bonus: A designer at heart, Amy shares her expertise in free wallpapers and free printable gift tags you can download here. With Christmas here before we know it, they’re bound to make your foodie gift giving easier.


Easy Blueberry Lemon Napoleon Dessert

Like so many Southern belles, this dessert is elegant and fancy on the outside. But the secret is that pulling it together couldn’t be simpler.

Recipe here


Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas

Enchiladas are standard fare. But add a twist of kicked up buffalo sauce and blue cheese and these babies are far from ordinary.

Recipe here.


Fried Pickles

Not much more Southern than fried this and that, and while Amy advises moderation, I advise eat these pickles ‘til they’re gone and enjoy every. single. minute of it.

Recipe here.

See more of Amy and She Wears Many Hats here. 



1-2 Simple Cooking

“Part of being a good chef is all about respecting your ingredients. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to bring food to the table so it’s important to be conscious of food waste. Practicing this mental awareness is not only beneficial to our environment but forces you to be creative in the kitchen.”

Paying attention to both serving size and the budget isn’t always easy, especially when you’re cooking for one or two and most recipes call for a crowd. For those in need of recipes with a smaller scaled number of servings (and fewer dishes to clean!), 1-2 Simple Cooking is the homepage for you.

Formerly of the popular food blog Joylicious, Joy and her 1-2 Simple Cooking partner in the kitchen Tiffany took to Kickstarter to start their journey of making meals wholesome, nourishing and yes, sometimes even small.

My initial attraction to 1-2 Simple Cooking was their gorgeous photos. Naturally. But after delving further into the depth of their site I soon discovered a treasure trove of foodie information, real education for home cooks looking for recipes that run the gamut from classic Americana (Meatball Subs) to those with an Asian flair (Red Braised Pork Belly).

Some of the real value on 1-2 Simple Cooking comes in their tips section where they share plenty of info on shopping, prepping, storage, cleaning, and money saving. It’s well worth your time to dig in and dig around.

Don’t miss: These gals deliver each recipe in video too, excellently produced and fun to watch in step by step stop motion action. Follow it all on their site and subscribe to their YouTube channel.


Salmon Kebabs with Herb Salad and Radishes

A complete meal with just one fillet of salmon is easy enough when kebabs are in town. Skewered, grilled and perfectly portioned.

Recipe here


Spicy Thai Green Curry Ramen

Ramen is my weakness, and when it’s paired with one of my favorite flavored foodie styles—Thai—I’m throwing in all the chips and going all in, all day.

Recipe here


Heirloom Tomato Tart

Joy puts her non-perfect, somewhat speckled and sometimes misshapen heirloom tomatoes into a tart that ironically, is absolutely perfect.

Recipe here

See more of Joy and Tiffany and 1-2 Cooking here.

Next week I’ll be back with my regular Friday Faves link love format. Here’s to a great weekend of cooking and eating. Happy Friday.

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